Community properties for social care

By choosing one of our portfolios in the social care strand, you are investing in safe community real estate. Tenants are primarily municipalities and county councils, which means this investment strand is resilient in the face of economic fluctuations. With our extensive experience in community properties and active management, we can offer our tenants modern premises for preschools and attractive accommodation for people who need treatment or special support. Since demand outstrips supply, this is a safe and long-term investment. The current property portfolio is located in Karlshamn and Nässjö.


Geography: Sweden

Segment: Social care properties with an emphasis on sheltered accommodation for the disabled and vulnerable, accommodation for the elderly, and preschools

Structure: Swedish limited company

Target volume: SEK 500 million

Established: 2019

CEO: Jens Rastad


Jens Rastad

  • CEO Vencura AB and representative for Venandi Fastigheter.

Jonas Andersson

  • Representative for Navare Förvaltning AB

Jakob Thureson

  • Representative for Thuredagruppen AB