Venandi allows you to make long-term investments in real estate selected by strand.

We are a small player with our finger firmly on the pulse.
We know where your money can grow and be beneficial.

We unleash the full potential of real estate

By identifying interesting strands, hand-picking objects, and applying strategies for specific purposes, we can optimise the value of our investments. Close and sustainable relationships with investors and tenants are a prerequisite for our delivering attractive, risk-adjusted returns to our investors, as well as for our being a professional and stable counterparty for our tenants. We always strive to be a positive force in the areas we operate in.

As the world changes, so do our strands. Accordingly, we constantly adapt our investments based on return requirements and the market.

Investment strands

Our current investment strands are called Venandi Livs, which features grocery retail real estate, and Vencura, which features real estate in the social segment. Venandi Livs currently has a portfolio value of approximately SEK 800 million, the intention being to increase this to SEK 2 billion. Vencura currently has a portfolio value of approximately SEK 250 million, and the intention is to increase this together with investors within the current mandate.

Strong and experienced management

Since 2019, Venandi has been a small but efficient player among the major real estate companies. The founders have extensive expertise and experience in the real estate sector, which gives Venandi the opportunity to safeguard the best interests of both investors and tenants. Thanks to its active management, Venandi is able to optimise the real estate portfolio and unleash the properties’ full potential.

Sorin Valdman 
+46 (0) 702 958 592

  • Responsibilities: Transaction/Strategy
  • Founder of Venandi, primarily responsible for Venandi Livs as CEO
  • Founder and CIO at Redito establishing three real estate companies (with a total value of approximately SEK 20 billion)
  • Former transaction manager at ICA Fastigheter
  • Active within the real estate industry/sector since 2004

Jens Rastad 
+46 (0) 707 258 359

  • Responsibilities: Financing/Transaction
  • Founder of Venandi, CIO of Venandi Livs and CEO of Vencura
  • Founder of Fridhem Fastighetsutveckling AB
  • Led and implemented financing assignments for both equity and liabilities in both private and public environments
  • Former partner at Tenzing and, prior to that, VP at SEB and SEB Enskilda
  • Active within financing and transaction since 2004

Joakim Fredin 
+46 (0) 709 925 923

  • Responsibilities: CFO – Controller
  • Joakim Fredin has solid experience within economics and finance, his most recent roll before Venandi was as group CFO for Extenda Retail, a global software- and solutions supplier that helps retail chains with their digital transformation
  • Experience within transaction and integration from both buy- and sell side
  • Extensive experience of venture capital operations
  • Active in various financial roles in sectors such as software development, IT, biotech, real estate, utilities, etc. since 2006

Mats Rengstedt 
+46 (0) 733 586 426

  • Responsibilities: Asset Management/Commercial DD
  • Partner at Venandi
  • Founder of Real Value Management Nordic AB
  • Real Value manages properties worth approximately SEK 5 billion (both listed and unlisted companies)
  • Former transaction advisor at Savills and advisor at Tenant & Partner
  • Active within transaction and AM/management since 2004

Mattias Bülow
+46 (0) 707 450 160

  • Responsibilities: Asset Management/Commercial DD/Transaction
  • Partner at Venandi
  • Founder of Real Value Management Nordic AB
  • Former partner in the real estate fund Mengus, transaction advisor at Savills, and advisor at Tenant & Partner
  • Active within transaction and AM/management since 2004